AAA Approved Auto Repair

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The American Automobile Association, or as it is more commonly known, AAA, offers peace of mind for automobile repair needs through its AAA Approved Auto Repair program.

This program, which is comprised of approximately 8,000 AAA Approved Auto Repair shops in the United States and Canada, was started in 1975 in an effort to address consumer complaints about unsatisfactory automobile repairs. The program works by directing members and other consumers to AAA-approved repair facilities that meet and maintain high professional standards.


According to AAA, the Approved Auto Repair approval process is tough. When an automotive repair shop applies to be in the program, an AAA/CAA service specialist inspects the facility for proper tools, cleanliness, reliability, fair pricing, adequate technical training and appropriate technician certifications. They also involve the facility’s current customers by conducting a survey to get feedback before approval. In the end, AAA only approves shops that employ trained, certified technicians; offer timely and convenient repairs; and offer courteous customer service.


Once in the program, the AAA Approved Auto Repair facility signs a contract agreeing to provide the following to customers:


While customers that are not members of AAA do not receive all of the same benefits as AAA members, they can feel confident that a repair shop which displays the AAA Approved Auto Repair sign has met the tough standards set forth by AAA.